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  • Доллар США: 61,7655
  • Евро: 75,7924
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы HRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 236 $/т (-5 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы SRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 214 $/т (-3 $/т)
  • Стоимость французской пшеницы FranceGrade 1 (ФОБ Руан) – 206 $/т (-3 $/т)
  • Стоимость французского ячменя (ФОБ Руан) – 213 $/т (-4 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской кукурузы (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 190 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Котировка майского фьючерса на пшеницу SRW на Чикагской бирже на 23.04.2018 составила 170,2 $/т (-4,9 $/т)
  • 18 Apr 2018 The NHS summed up the results of activities in 2017 In the International industrial Academy of the General meeting of members of the National Union of grain producers. Solved personnel issues elected members of the Board and the audit Committee of the NSA, approved a new edition of the Cha... More...
  • 04 Apr 2018 Grain interventions has lost relevance Purchases to the state Fund in the season-2017/18 was not carried out, despite the fact that prices fell below the intervention The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev called the grain purchase interventions... More...
  • 21 Mar 2018 A new pilot project the NHS is discussed in the Orel region The President of the Board of Trustees the NHS Pavel Skurikhin the meeting on preparation and holding of spring field works addressed to the acting Governor of Orel region A. E. Klychkova with a proposal to consider the possibility of intro... More...
  • 12 Mar 2018 Kuban Krasnodar: all-Russian forum of agricultural producers Food security, import substitution, export grain, as well as other key issues of the agricultural sector discussed at the national forum in Krasnodar, participated in the plenary session which was attended today by the President of the Russ... More...
  • 21 Feb 2018 Serbia – the NHS: developing the bilateral cooperation President of the National Union of grain producers Pavel Skurikhin took part in the meeting of the intergovernmental Russian-Serbian Committee on trade, economic and scientific-technical cooperation held in Sochi under the chairmanship of D... More...
  • 30 Nov 2017 The problem is the big harvest. Unloading in manual mode More...
  • 15 Nov 2017 Abu Dhabi: the beginning of a dialogue Attraction of investments in Russian agriculture and high technology processing of agricultural products was discussed today by the President of the National Union of grain producers Pavel Skurikhin with the head of Invest AD (Abu Dhabi Inv... More...
  • 13 Nov 2017 Wheat to win! US farmers are losing in the battle for the harvest In a wheat field, the United States cannot compete with Russia. Record wheat crop threatened by American farmers. Grain prices in Chicago fell a quarter, the USA closed the representation of the American wheat Association in Egypt. How Mosc... More...
  • 17 Oct 2017 Grain by grain What is the harvest? If there are not enough railway capacity for grain export and transport inside the country? The subsidies and the state of the rolling stock. Guest-in-Studio Pavel Skurikhin, President of the National Union of grain p... More...
  • 05 Oct 2017 National Union of grain producers took part in the opening of the largest Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden autumn-2017". The forum brought together a 1400 enterprises from 70 regions of Russia and 15 foreign countries, including A... More...


Wheat prices reached last year's level

In the South of the country for a week a ton of wheat rose by 215-750 rubles Domestic wheat prices began to increase sharply in mid-March, last week continued to grow. So, the wheat of the 3rd class in the Central part of the country in the past week rose by 300 rubles to 9.5 thousand rubles per to...

24 Apr 2018
The Ministry of agriculture encouraged the banks to speed up t...

April 20, the Director of the Department of economy, investments and regulation of agricultural markets Ministry of agriculture Anatoly Kutsenko held a conference call with representatives of authorized banks on the issue of low dynamics of granting preferential loans to small businesses. In 2018, ...

24 Apr 2018
In the Orenburg region one third of winter crops in poor condi...

In the Orenburg region 35% of crops of winter agricultural crops are in poor condition. The results of analysis of samples of winter crops in good condition is 87.9 thousand hectares (14% of the surveyed area), in satisfactory 326,8 thousand hectares (51%), RIA "orenburzh'e" with reference to the ...

24 Apr 2018
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