Key goals of the Union are enhancement of the investment prospects of grain production in Russia, development of grain production as the essential field of agricultural manufacturing with application of cutting-edge developments and innovative solutions, reinforcement of competitiveness of nationally-produced grain in international commodity markets, representation and protection of common interests of union participants.

1. Involvement in formation and implementation of federal and regional programs for grain production development in the Russian Federation;

2. Development and realization of measures on attraction of investments (including foreign) in grain production enterprises and corporations of related industries;

3. Secured meeting demands of the Russian Federation in crop production, involvement in formation of regional food balances;

4. Formation of the grain production & consumption balance in Russia;

5. Enhancement of actual volume of exports of grains and derivative products;

6. Development of methods for secured realization of crop production output with consideration of the bioclimatic potential and geographic location of regions;

7. Integration of market players’ efforts in creation of specific economic conditions for Union members as consistent with quality and volume of produced grain (terms of payment and quality extra charges, contract liabilities, etc.);

8. Determination of specific consumer requirements to crop production;

9. Complex search for solutions on storage and transportation of grain crops required for development of the agricultural production oriented to end-consumer requirements;

10. Development and facilitation of implementation of the state support for demanded crop production;

11. Representation of Union members’ interests within determination and implementation of measures on state regulation of grain production;

12. Record-keeping on the status and prospects of grain production and formation of the domestic and world markets;

13. Creation of the single information system for Union members embracing the state of the grain market, prices (grain procurement prices), governmental solutions concerning interests of grain producers;

14. Interaction with federal legislative and executive authorities at the level of preparation of regulatory acts and laws focused on protection of state commodity security, development of the domestic commodity market;

15. Compilation and distribution of cutting-edge technologies and practices at grain production, processing, and sales in the enterprises, including facilitation of implementation of highly-efficient technological processes and energy-saving technologies, and advanced agrotechnical accessories;

16. Stimulation (performed by Union members) of advanced technology implementation so as to enhance the economic efficiency of production;

17. Organization of and involvement at all stages of development of specific technical regulations, national and business standards regarding grain production. Formation of the regulatory basis for standardization, certification, and implementation of grain production quality control systems;

18. Provision of information, advisory, and legal services for market players;

19. Provision of Union members and market players with information and other materials on grain production in Russian and foreign countries and on implementation of innovative technologies;

20. Organization of the system for professional development, advanced training of industry personnel, including conduction of learning seminars, conferences, symposia, etc.;

21. Facilitation of seed production development, implementation of new species and hybrids for grain producers;

22. Representation of the industry and interests of Union members in international and foreign organizations; participation in international exhibitions, conferences, round-table discussions, etc.;

23. Establishment of economic entities, partnership companies, and non-profit corporations, founding of divisions, branches, and representative offices in accordance with the procedure established by law;

24. Carrying out of publishing and printing activities in accordance with the procedure established by law for the purpose of statutory objectives fulfillment;

25. Other activities corresponding to statutory objectives and not illegal under Russian laws in effect.