• Доллар США: 70,4999
  • Евро: 79,2207
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы HRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 218 $/т (0 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы SRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 210 $/т (0 $/т)
  • Стоимость французской пшеницы FranceGrade 1 (ФОБ Руан) – 209 $/т (+1 $/т)
  • Стоимость французского ячменя (ФОБ Руан) – 189 $/т (-1 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской кукурузы (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 170 $/т (0 $/т)
  • Котировка июльского фьючерса на пшеницу SRW на Чикагской бирже на 06.07.2020 составила 180 $/т (0 $/т)

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IV Central Russian grain forum

June 20, in the Lipetsk region hosted the IV Central Russian grain forum. The organizer of the natio...

01 Jul 2019
IV Central Russian grain forum - 2019

Dear colleagues! June 20 this year, the national Union of grain producers (NHA) in the framework of...

17 Jun 2019
Organic production in Russia is a priority direction of work o...

An important activity of the NHS for the current year remains the development of the project to prom...

05 Mar 2019
III Central Russian grain forum, the festival of drinks "ROSGL...

National Union of grain producers and the national Union of producers of barley, malt, hops & be...

09 Jul 2018
NHS-Greece: Memorandum of cooperation

On the establishment of the National Union of grain producers of Greece based on the experience of...

29 May 2018
The NHS summed up the results of activities in 2017

In the International industrial Academy of the General meeting of members of the National Union of g...

18 Apr 2018
Grain interventions has lost relevance

Purchases to the state Fund in the season-2017/18 was not carried out, despite the fact that prices ...

04 Apr 2018
A new pilot project the NHS is discussed in the Orel region

The President of the Board of Trustees the NHS Pavel Skurikhin the meeting on preparation and holdin...

21 Mar 2018
Kuban Krasnodar: all-Russian forum of agricultural producers

Food security, import substitution, export grain, as well as other key issues of the agricultural se...

12 Mar 2018