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VI Grain Forum

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Press release the VI Grain forum of Siberia and V of the field ...

24 July 2015 the national Union of grain producers (NHA) and the national Union of producers of barley, malt and beer Union (BMBU) held a joint event. The traditional meeting of the Siberian farmers was held at the Omsk land with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and administration of the Omsk region.   Appreciation for the merits of grain producers of the region gave the Minister of agriculture and food of the Omsk region Vitaly Ehrlich. Honored workers of a...

24 Jul 2015
VI Grain forum of Siberia

National Union of grain producers for the sixth time is the organizer of Grain forum of Siberia — an annual platform for exchange of relevant information between the participants of the agroindustrial complex. According to tradition, the forum will take place before the beginning of the harvesting campaign in the Siberian regions. For the second consecutive year the event will be held in the Omsk land. Simultaneously with the Grain forum of Siberia, July 24, at Omsk, on the territory of CJSC "Zn...

22 Jul 2015
The event program

Download the event program The composition and number of participants: Russian and foreign representatives of all links of technological process of "malting barley-beer": research institutes, malting barley breeders, seed farms, grain producers, hop producers, producers of plant protection chemicals, representatives of the malting and brewing industries, manufacturers of machinery and equipment-more than 200 people.   Time   The event Speakers   responsible ...

22 Jul 2015