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Altai authorities ordered to halve the crops of buckwheat

In connection with last year's overproduction of buckwheat authorities of the Altai region appealed to the farmers urging them to reduce sowing of crops this year almost twice up to 360-380 thousand hectares As reported by the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Alexander Lukyanov, such areas would be optimal for the agricultural sector of the region. "We have repeatedly said that i...

19 Apr 2018
The survey showed reduced optimism of farmers

The proportion of farmers expecting to increase revenue in 2018, decreased to 67%, the survey showed crop farms, conducted jointly by the poll, by the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR) and the company Syngenta. Last year the net profit was hoping for 86% of the surveyed companies. At the same time the share of those who expects to receive income at the same level, increased from 15%...

19 Apr 2018
Unused land will take

In Primorye, the situation with unused land is very serious. Large owners hold thousands of acres that look abandoned. Farmer's land can not be obtained. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev reminded the regional authorities, under various pretexts, tightening the issuance of land: "It's not your property, and the Russian Federation." But I think the feds are constantly missing something i...

19 Apr 2018
Tula oblast in 2018 will reduce the grain harvest by 10% - for...

Agricultural companies and farms of the Tula region in 2018 plan to collect at least 1.8 million tons of grain, while maintaining the acreage, reported a press-service of the regional government with reference to the Deputy Chairman of the regional government - Minister of agriculture Dmitry Milyaeva. By the end of 2017 were collected 2 million tonnes of grain. Thus, the yield of crops, according...

19 Apr 2018
The share of food grain decreases

For feed wheat in the crop-2017 accounted for 32% of the harvest of agriculture. The share of food wheat in 2017 amounted to almost 32% 3% more than the crop of 2016 and 9% above the average for the past five years. If to estimate dynamics of quality of soft wheat over the past five or six years, it is possible to pay attention to the trend of reducing the share of food grains. This was on an o...

19 Apr 2018
The grain harvest will drop by 15%

According to forecasts of the Ministry of agriculture, it will affect weather and decrease in acreage The fall grain harvest by 15% and sugar beet by 24%, predicts the Ministry of agriculture of Russia in 2018, says the report of the Ministry on the results of activities in 2017 (there is a "News"). Experts attribute this to cold spring sowing campaign is delayed. In the past year managed to co...

12 Apr 2018
Medvedev announced the expansion of export of Russian agricult...

The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev is proud of the achievements of domestic agriculture says the expansion of agricultural exports. "Russian agriculture is really our pride. In 2017, an increase of production of agricultural products in relation to 2012 amounted to more than 20 percent in all categories of farms," said he, speaking with the report in the Stat...

12 Apr 2018
On April 10, sowing of spring crops held at the square worth 9...

According to the authorities APK on April 10, in southern, North Caucasus and in certain regions of far Eastern, Central, northwestern and Volga Federal districts conducted spring field work. Spring sowing in the whole country conducted in an area worth 912.3 thousand ha of Spring grain and leguminous crops were sown 543,1 thousand hectares. Of these, spring wheat planted on an area of 17.1 thou...

12 Apr 2018
The bread will toughen the Standards

The new standards will require you to use only baking flour. Russia has developed new Standards for bakery products from rye and wheat flour. They will require manufacturers to use only baking flour. The current standard allows you to add bread flour, General purpose, and it has lower gluten. So this product had a presentation in the flour mixed with various process additives, whose effect on hea...

12 Apr 2018