• Доллар США: 77,5520
  • Евро: 91,2632
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы HRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы SRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-3 $/т)
  • Стоимость французской пшеницы FranceGrade 1 (ФОБ Руан) – 243 $/т (-5 $/т)
  • Стоимость французского ячменя (ФОБ Руан) – 232 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской кукурузы (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 223 $/т (-6 $/т)
  • Котировка декабрьского фьючерса на пшеницу SRW на Чикагской бирже на 29.10.2020 составила 223,6 $/т (-2,6 $/т)

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On the Russian grain market is experiencing a price increase

Last week, the price indices of grain crops were mainly grown. So, in the CFD wheat of the 3rd and 4th graders rose in the range of 250-350 rubles/ton, food rye 100 RUB./t, wheat of 5th class and feed barley 150 RUB./ton, according to the national Union of grain producers. In the South of the country due to low level of proposals for raw materials and strong demand from export-oriented compani...

21 Nov 2019
Exporters are waiting for a breakthrough

In recent years, the Russian grain industry came to leadership positions. Five years farmers harvest a consistently high (over a hundred million tons) crops. Grain is practically the only export commodity of mass agricultural production. Foreign exchange revenue annually replenishes the branch budget, although this is more related to the farmers of the South of Russia. Exports from the Siberian re...

15 Nov 2019
Who shakes the grain market

Grain prices have grown, and the oil stabilized, but then the quotes will grow slowly The farmers of the South of Russia to end the year with good financial results. You can not say about the grain traders: they are caught in a price vise and forced to work almost at a loss. Although in General the grain market looks stable, experts are confident that it shakes. Your concerns about the agricul...

13 Nov 2019
In Siberia and in the Urals has risen in price and the food gr...

Last week, from 4 to 8 November, according to the National Union of grain producers, the Russian grain market experienced multidirectional movement of prices. In particular, as follows from the data of the NHS in Siberia increased and food grain, and forage. In particular, the price tag on wheat of the 3rd class for the week rose by 25 roubles per tonne, for wheat of the 4th and 5th graders 250...

11 Nov 2019
Why grown buckwheat?

The Association "Rusprodsoyuz" announced the increase of prices for buckwheat and stated that the increase is especially significant in November and January. The reason is the reduction of crops and, as a consequence, the reduction of yield. "Yes, in the current season under the buckwheat was allotted 807 thousand hectares, which is less than 238 thousand. Farmers went for it due to overproduction...

06 Nov 2019
29 Oct starts in Barnaul the exhibition "Agroexposiberia-2019"

From 29 to 31 October in Barnaul will host the international specialized exhibition "Agroexposiberia-2019". The participants and guests of the exhibition will get acquainted with modern technologies and equipment for crop and livestock production from domestic and foreign manufacturers. At the collective stand of Germany will feature manufacturers of machinery and equipment for agriculture. At th...

28 Oct 2019
Agroexposiberia — the main event of the autumn for the farmers...

More than 80 leading experts from the Altai region of Siberia and of Russia, and also from Germany reveal themes in the field of digitalization of agriculture, dairy and beef production, exports, intensification of crop production, forage production and feed storage, animal treatment, farming, human resources, effective management of the enterprises etc.An important event will happen in the framew...

26 Oct 2019
Agroexposiberia-2019: the forum program

Forum "agribusiness of Siberia the Present and the future" will be held with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Altai territory from 29 to 31 October 2019 in the UK PACE in the city of Barnaul. More than 80 leading experts from the Altai region of Siberia and of Russia, and also from Germany reveal themes in the field of digitalization of agriculture, d...

25 Oct 2019
Bad harvest: how to grow buckwheat

Suppliers of buckwheat in Russia announced that they plan to raise rates ranging from 20 to 50%, write "Vedomosti". The September 2019, they began to inform retailers. In particular, we are talking about the network "Auchan", "Lenta", "commander", "Angstrem trading", X5 Retail Group ("Pyaterochka", "Perekrestok" and others). Information about the price increase have also confirmed the Associati...

22 Oct 2019