• Доллар США: 77,5520
  • Евро: 91,2632
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы HRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы SRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-3 $/т)
  • Стоимость французской пшеницы FranceGrade 1 (ФОБ Руан) – 243 $/т (-5 $/т)
  • Стоимость французского ячменя (ФОБ Руан) – 232 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской кукурузы (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 223 $/т (-6 $/т)
  • Котировка декабрьского фьючерса на пшеницу SRW на Чикагской бирже на 29.10.2020 составила 223,6 $/т (-2,6 $/т)

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Union of grain producers asked to subsidize organic production

National Union of grain producers (NHA) appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to consider the possibility of encouraging the transition to organic production and the introduction of a Federal subsidy for certification of organic products. As told the head of the Union Pavel Skurikhin at the meeting in Adygea Republic on 22 September, in terms of record harvests difficult to provide cost-effec...

28 Sep 2017
In the Orenburg region grown half of all Russian wheat durum

Crop forecast hard wheat in Russia - 500-600 thousand tons. In the Orenburg region - 297 thousand tons.A farm East of the Orenburg region in a hurry to meet the deadline of the grain harvest. And not only because of possible rain. They fear that not harvested in time crops of durum wheat can seriously lose in quality. Technology of cultivation of durum wheat are more demanding of the time of coll...

13 Sep 2017
Export prices for wheat rose for the first time in eight weeks

After the world market export prices for Russian wheat (12.5% protein) in deepwater ports last week rose $2 to $184/MT on FOB basis. It is reported by the analytical centre "Sovekon". "This is the first increase in prices over the last eight weeks", is spoken in the message center. During the week quotations for wheat on the stock markets were generally stable or slowly growing. On Euronext, th...

12 Sep 2017
Wheat continues to fall

The Ministry of agriculture is considering alternatives to grain interventions During the last week in all regions of prices for grain crops continued to decline. According to "SovEcon", 1 September wheat of 3 class in average cost was 8500 RUB/t RUB 150 less than a week earlier, the wheat of the 4th class fell by 125 rubles to RUB 7575/t, 5-grade 225 to 6100 rubles/T. National Union of gr...

04 Sep 2017
Wheat prices dropped to the lowest level since the autumn of o...

The bottom of the fall is not yet completed At the end of last week average prices for wheat of the 4th class in the European part of Russia fell by 225 to 7700 RUB./ton, which is at least the autumn of 2014. It is reported by the analytical centre "Sovekon". Average prices for wheat of the third class also fell by 225 to 8650 rubles/ton, the fifth 200 to 6325 RUB./t. As reported by the nationa...

28 Aug 2017
The grain harvest hits record: will it affect the price of bre...

In 2016, the grain harvest in Russia amounted to of 120.7 million tons, almost came close to the historical record in 1978: while the country were collected 127 million tons. According to the official forecasts, in 2017 the results will be somewhat worse: farmers will be able to collect no more than 105-110 million tons of grain. This was stated by the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev in ...

23 Aug 2017
The elevators in the Volga region refuse to accept the grain

Experts do not exclude the occurrence of similar problems in the center of the country and Siberia   Market participants reported a lack of facilities for the storage of grain in the Volga Federal district. According to the analytical center "Sovekon", in particular, the problems observed in the Samara, Saratov, Penza regions. "If last season is any noticeable problems with storage were...

08 Aug 2017

3 August in Saratov opens next field Day, which will take place the 8th Agricultural forum "Saratov-agro". The event is organized by the regional Ministry of agriculture, research Institute of the South-East, the Association of farms "Revival", the national Union of grain producers and the exhibition center "Sofit-Expo". Will host a field Day on the lands of the research Institute of the South-E...

02 Aug 2017
Wheat crop can update the record

Currently, the fee per hectare is higher than last year by 10% Gross harvest of wheat in 2017, will beat last year's record at 73.3 million tons, predicts the Institute of agricultural market studies (IKAR). As reported by "the Agroinvestor" the General Director IKAR Dmitry Rylko, given the state of the harvest and status fields, the forecast of gross yield increased to 74 to 77 million tonnes. ...

01 Aug 2017