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  • Стоимость американской пшеницы HRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской пшеницы SRW (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 273 $/т (-3 $/т)
  • Стоимость французской пшеницы FranceGrade 1 (ФОБ Руан) – 243 $/т (-5 $/т)
  • Стоимость французского ячменя (ФОБ Руан) – 232 $/т (-2 $/т)
  • Стоимость американской кукурузы (ФОБ Мексиканский залив) – 223 $/т (-6 $/т)
  • Котировка декабрьского фьючерса на пшеницу SRW на Чикагской бирже на 29.10.2020 составила 223,6 $/т (-2,6 $/т)

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The President of "Stoilensky Fields" became part of the Counci...

On 23 March, Moscow hosted the first founding Congress of the National Union of grain producers. During the Congress Board was formed NSA, part of which was elected President APK "stojjlenskaya field" Dmitry drevljansky. The Council of the National Union of grain producers to perform the functions of the collegial governing body in the framework of the Union. Council members were representatives...

02 Apr 2010
Union of grain producers was headed by Pavel Skurikhin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group of companies "Siberian agrarian holding" (SAHO) and Advisor to the Minister of agriculture Pavel Skurikhin elected President of the National Union of grain producers (NHA). It happened at the first founding Congress of the Union, which took place on 23 March 2010 in Moscow. "If you increase exports to 50 million tonnes the task set by the country's le...

24 Mar 2010
Union of grain producers can be partner of the state - Zubkov

The national Union of grain producers of Russia can become a reliable partner of the state and an additional source of objective information about the state and prospects of the grain industry, said first Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov at the first constituent Congress of the new Union on Tuesday. According to him, the new organization is an additional opportunity to see the whole range of o...

23 Mar 2010
National Union of grain producers of Russia will hold first Co...

National Union of grain producers of Russia, which plans to merge the domestic grain producers to improve the market, will hold on Tuesday the first Congress, reported the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the Union is consolidation and coordination of efforts of domestic manufacturers of grain, which will be aimed at ensuring the domestic need...

23 Mar 2010
The second head, Financial news

The national grain Union will defend the interests of farmers The creation of a new grain Union received strong support from the government and the assent of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, because grain production is of strategic importance for our country. According to experts, the new Association is created in opposition to the existing Russian grain Union, where the interests of grai...

23 Mar 2010
Grain producers Russia United in the national Union.

Together with representatives of the regions in the great hall of the International industrial Academy, where he was born not a single industry Union in the sphere of agriculture, brought together representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma and the Federation Council, regional authorities, public associations, agricultural businesses, scientists. Participated in th...

23 Mar 2010
Created in Russia national Union of grain producers

The national Union of grain producers, the founding Congress of which was held today in Moscow under force to implement its ambitious plans on creation in Russia the world's largest grain industry, according to ITAR-TASS. The elected President of the Union Pavel Skurikhin (President of the Board of Directors of the Siberian agricultural holding). According to him, the main purpose of the Union i...

23 Mar 2010
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V. A. Zu...

Viktor Zubkov announced a greeting of the President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev to the participants and guests of the Congress. In his speech Viktor Zubkov, in particular, said: "On behalf of the Government I would like to note that today is really relevant to the development of the grain industry event. There are a lot of delegates. See friends of the farmers we met in the regions....

23 Mar 2010
Farmers are ready to recreate a political party

Farmers ready to establish in 2010. a new public organization in the future to recreate the agrarian political party, according to RBC.He told reporters on the sidelines of the Russian-Japanese Congress, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies "Siberian agrarian holding" (SAHO) Pavel Skurikhin, until mid-2010. it is planned to hold the founding Congress created at the level of...

11 Feb 2010